Avoiding Foot Disorders with Simple Foot Care Tips - Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston

Repeated high-impact movements increase the stresses we place on our feet exponentially. Running and jumping are just some of the physical activities that increase our risk for foot injuries. This is why people suffering from overweight problems also have a higher risk for foot injuries.

So if high-impact activities pose a serious threat to foot health, why can athletes and runners for example keep their feet healthy and avoid injuries? It doesn’t take rocket science for us to understand the importance of proper foot care. With the right training and foot strengthening exercises, everybody can improve their performance while avoiding foot injuries.

Simple foot care practices are essential to keeping our feet healthy. A visit to a podiatrist or foot specialist could help us understand what it takes to prevent foot injuries. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot conditions and disorders.

  • Foot Injuries Associated with Exercises and Sports Activities
  • Corns and calluses – can be caused by tight-fitting foot wear
  • Stress fractures and broken bones – lack of warm ups or foot strengthening exercises
  • Joint injuries – improper foot landing
  • Fungal and bacterial infection – repeatedly using the same shoes without cleaning or going barefooted when using public baths

The American Podiatric Medical Association stresses the importance of wearing proper foot wear and warming up before indulging in any high-impact activity. Proper foot care is also emphasized in preventing common foot disorders.

Keeping our Feet Healthy

  • Wear properly fitting shoes and the right footwear for the activity
  • Warming up the feet with stretches to prevent joint injuries
  • Strengthening the feet before increasing the intensity of your sports activity
  • Report any pain that goes away when resting the feet
  • Checking your feet regularly for wounds or cuts
  • Alternating your sports shoes
  • Wash your feet after any sports activity

Foot treatments can be costly and the loss of mobility during these times can have a negative effect on your quality of life. Practicing this simple foot care tips can go a long way in preventing foot injuries and disorders. At Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston with six offices located in North Houston, TX, we specialize in helping people with diabetes take care of their feet. To schedule an appointment call 281-444-4114.