3 Common Nail Problems

Although they are frequently overlooked and seen as parts of the body that need to be trimmed (or polished) every so often, our toenails play an important role in the health of our feet. They are small, and most of the time they are hidden away in socks or shoes, but they can be the sources of some persistent problems if they are not examined on a regular basis.

What is Sesamoiditis?

You might not even know it, but your big toe contains two unique structures that are made of small pieces of bone surrounded by a tendon. They make it easier for us to use our feet for activities that involve a pushing off motion, like running or climbing, by creating smooth movements in the big toe. These structures are called sesamoids.

The Benefits of Walking

When most people hear that they have to exercise to lose weight or reduce their risk factors for certain diseases, they assume that they have to start running several miles each day or take up a vigorous sport such as cycling or basketball. However, there is one activity that can be done daily by people of all athletic abilities to improve the health of many different parts of the body: walking.

How Do I Treat My Heel Pain?

Whenever you step, run, jump, or do just about anything with your feet, you most likely involve the heels. As a result, the heels have developed very thick skin in order to cushion and support your entire bodyweight. However, the heels can also be the sources of sharp or throbbing pain and soreness, especially first thing in the morning or after long periods of inactivity.